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Bucking the Trend on Traditional Registries

Growing up, I remember my mom bemoaning the fact that they have a whole pewter dish set for dinner parties; here's the thing - they didn't really host dinner parties. When my mom and dad got engaged, my grandmother wanted them to register for dish sets that they could use when hosting, because she had spent much of her adult life throwing parties as a member of a socialite circle. But here's the thing - people don't do this as much anymore, so if you aren't going to use it, then why add it to your registry ? You will see all of the traditional registry lists online and in wedding planning binders, and inevitably, it will have a china set listed, as well as items like soup tourines and fancy silverware. Now if you are going to use these items, by all means, put them on your registry, but if you are more of an outdoorsy couple, put some camping equipment on there! When my husband and I got married, we actually put flea and tick prevention medicine on our registry for our two rescue dogs - is that sexy? Not really, but it was very practical and saved us a ton of money for over a year! Just remember - people will buy items on your registry, so make sure it has items that you and your spouse will actually use, and that it includes items at every price point so that guests have options. Some people are probably already traveling for your wedding, so keep the overall cost of attending your wedding in mind. And if you really don't need many things, there are so many other options out there in lieu of tangible gifts - you can register on the Honeyfund to help pay for your honeymoon, and you can always list charities that you would rather people donate to. It's your wedding, so create your ideal registry!

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