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Finding the Perfect Photographer for Your Event

Finding vendors for your event can be tricky - you want the best, right? But who is the best? It all depends on what you are looking for, and honestly, what your price range is. For photographers, there are some important things to consider other than the gorgeous photos they have on their website, such as what types of other events they have photographed before, how long the turnaround is to receive the photos post-event, and how their fee works (is it hourly? is it a set price?). If you are having an awesome destination wedding (or out of state from where the photographer is), you should also check to see what other items need to be covered, such as travel, meal, and lodging costs. But once you hire a photographer, there are still some important things to remember - try to give them a list of your "must have shots" at least a few weeks in advance of the event. These are the shots that you really want to make sure you get, such as photos with specific family members and friends. Also, once you are at the event, you (or your fantastic event planner!) should ask to see the first few photos that they take, just so you can make sure it's getting the aesthetic you are wanting. The photos could be blurry, or missing the detail that you were expecting, and you will want to catch that early on. Lastly, to remember your event, there are so many options to create an album - your photographer may offer that themselves, or work with a third party service who can do it. For those who are wanting to take on the photo booking themselves (more power to you!), online companies allow you to create an album, either with help from their professionals, or all on your own - it just depends what you are looking for, and again, what your price point is. At the end of the day, you don't want to go broke on an amazing event, so make sure you have some idea of your budget beforehand.

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